AGW works with leading investment service providers to complement its core competencies.

Employing a
client-centric Approach

AGW adheres to the fiduciary standard, acting solely in our clients’ best interest at all times.


Our Firm

AGW is an independent, employee-owned, investment consulting firm committed to providing private clients and family offices, corporate assets, defined contribution and defined benefit plans, endowments and foundations and financial intermediaries with a full-range of financial advisory services.

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Places us on the same “side of the table” with our client, eliminating questions investors have about the nature and rationale of our advice

Independent & objective advice

Provides us with the time necessary to understand our client’s unique goals, objectives and circumstances, allowing us to tailor our recommendations accordingly and provide caring and attentive service.

Limited number of client relationships

Renowned, “best-in-class” research partners that augment our accomplished and experienced advisors in developing advice, raising the confidence of our clients yet further.

Industry leading investment research

Access to virtually any investment; anywhere. No platforms; no limitations. Any investment our clients may have an interest in using we can thoroughly diligence and recommend.

True open architecture

Eliminates potential conflicts of interests, underscoring our trustworthiness.

Transparent pricing and communication