What makes us different makes us better.
Our clients' best interests come first - not quarterly earnings, quotas or products. We're as devoted to building great relationships as we are too building successful investment strategies. This principle permeates everthing we do and how we do it.
At AGW Capital, we:
Limit the number of clients per consultant as well as the breadth of clients that we serve to ensure our clients receive exceptional, proactive service;
Price our services competitively and have only one source of revenue, which is fees paid by our clients, to foster trusting, long-term relationships;
Are not affiliated with any broker-dealers or investment managers so that we can "sit on the same side of the table" as our clients;
Utilize a progressive, customized approach instead of the industry-standard, "one-size-fits-all" solution;
Collaborate with a collection of industry-leading resources and highly respected experts to enhance the quality of our advice; and
Implement through "best in class" investment strategies, custodians, and service providers through an open-architecture structure.
Collectively, these features closely align us with our clients' interests, which is to receive sound, creative, forward-thinking advice from a talented, attentive and caring team of professionals.